Saturday, April 5, 2014

A little bit of custom

Adding a post with some pictures of some of the quilts I am working on with the Innova

This is a little quilt made with a Kim Diehl pattern. A Mum quilting design is set in each of the snowball blocks with a feathered scroll design around alternate blocks to break up the small block pattern layout. 
Next I did some outline stitches around the appliqued leaves
using the steady edge ruler from Quilts on the Corner
Happy so far, I started some hand guided scroll fill design in between the outline stitches. 
After doing one border, checked the bobbin tension and it was way off.
Removed it from the frame to pull out those stitches :0( and loaded another quilt...
This quilt is made by Carol. She started hand quilting this large quilt several years ago after it was basted. The light straight line stitches are the basting threads. She brought it in to have it machine quilted. It's beautiful with some very busy prints so both the hand and machine stitching doesn't show allot. I left her stitches in and incorporated them with the machine stitches. We discussed adding butterflies and flowers so I am quilting feathers that look like butterflies :0) It's a work in progress with block designs and some ruler work.
Below is MidWinter Blues that I made with Lori's QAL ~ Humble Quilts
A good one to try out a b2b (border to border) design and lay out a border with corner designs around it. It's finished off with some SID along the border using the Steady Edge.
This is the back where you can see the stitching better.
Not too bad for my first one :0) yea

Hal and I are getting along pretty good today. Mostly I figure out ways to fool him so he ends up doing what I want him to do :0) and Harley is back to stitching beautifully!

Enjoy your weekend, hope you have as nice a weather as we have today
and find some time to get in a few stitches

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