Sunday, April 27, 2014

Log Cabin for Tina

The quilting on a log cabin quilt for Tina was finished on the Innova yesterday
Made with orange, gold and brown batiks
we selected a gold to brown variegated thread.
I knew just the design to quilt when I first saw Tina's quilt.
Feathers and Swirls on a diagonal to set off the log cabin blocks. 
Feathers are quilted in the light side of the log cabin blocks and the swirls are on the dark...
which created a secondary design in the center
 A swirl corner and border design frame all of the blocks in the center field. 

Tina described two more quilts she is working on. A red and black waiting for black batting. The second is a work in progress, a Tula Pink pattern from her book 100 modern quilt blocks with 25 completed. Tina describes herself as a new quilter! I'd say she is pretty darn good!!! Looking forward to seeing where she goes from here!

 I'm thinking a scrappy log cabin may be in my future!
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your Sunday


  1. Beautiful work on this, Jo. Looks like you're having fun! :-)

  2. Beautiful quilt and your quilting on it looks Stunning!
    So much elaborate and beautiful detail.


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