Friday, April 11, 2014

Judy, Judy, Judy

Can you just hear Cary Grant (OK dating myself again ;0)

I had the best week! Several quilts completed this week, making progress and most important, a dent in the number of quilts waiting to be quilted. Yipee!!! A few pix... these are quilts made by Judy P, a guild member and we share the same birthday!  :0)

A baby quilt that will be traveling to Alaska soon. Judy picked this one up this week along with a second quilt she made for big sister that will also go to Alaska...
These prints are so cute and very much Spring. Don't know it for a fact but I bet she picked up these fabrics from Honey Run Quilters in Chico. Theresa made a store sample I quilted for her from these prints. Love them! Here are some close ups of Judy's quilts...

Quilted with Summer Buzz e2e

Little one is quilted with bubbles, as requested by Judy, is backed with pink Minkee and the second she left up to me. I quilted a mix of bugs and flowers called Summer Buzz.

Something I promised to share earlier are pix of the mermaid Judy made... 
 Isn't she wonderful! Her name is Shelly!
Here she is sitting on a small sample quilt I made with a batik print backing with seahorses. They were meant for each other! Both of these items will be traveling as well, very soon to Texas.

Judy was a vendor at our guild's last quilt show. That is where I found Shelly among many more gorgeous dolls that Judy makes. Shelly had two mermaid sisters that went home with Jill and Brandie. Thank you Judy! Enjoy your weekend with family :0)

Also finished Carol's quilt, made progress on the Kim Diehl quilt, one for Beth in Oroville, a breast cancer donation quilt for Betty and another store sample for Theresa at Honey Run Quilters. Pix later. Blogger is not playing nice and photos are taking forever to download. For now will leave you with a pic and progress on Amaretto Cottage.
Can you see something I goofed on the layout?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Whatever it was in the layout, I don't see it.

  2. I don't see any goofs either.
    Shelly looks good with those batiks!

  3. That is one snazzy looking mermaid! I used to know a lady who made dolls. The mermaid reminds me of the style dolls she created.


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