Thursday, April 24, 2014

AP training at Sew So Shop

Yesterday I spent the whole day at the Sew So Shop quilt store in Yuba City, also my Innova dealer. Jim held an all day workshop on Auto Pilot, the software program for Innova. There were 15 of us attending, all from California ranging from Redding to Riverside. Most were Innova owners for a year or more, one with a new Innova on order, a few interested in buying or upgrading, a couple looking to be distributors and me, the newbie!

It was very nice to meet some seasoned Innova owners as well as see the excitement of the newest member, Joy anxious to get her new machine. We sat next to each other and it was fun to hear her exclaim as she saw all the wonderful functions we have available. There was so much to go over, almost too much. My brain was fried by the end of the day! Jim did an incredible job of explaining the software on a Simulator. Then did some demos on one of the machines in the shop. 

I got allot out of the day, both seeing a few functions I haven't used yet and how Jim uses the program and functions when he quilts. Like most programs, there is more than one way to get to the same result. Learned allot from hearing questions from other owners and sharing ideas and tips with each other. There were three people there that had backgrounds in computer software and it was nice to learn how some of that works into the functionality of the program. I learned allot and as mentioned was brain dead as I walked out of the shop and drove home to Chico late in the afternoon. 

Today I am ready to put what I learned to use on a practice piece loaded on my machine and then get back to customer quilts. Monday, Jim and Nicky was here in my studio to replace a part so that is fixed. Plus I had the chance to ask Jim allot of my questions one on one then. We learned what happens when you "accidentally" push the red emergency button and how to reset it! Jim shared that with everyone yesterday. All in all I am feeling allot better about where I am and realize that I need to be patient with the process.

Monday Jim also brought a part that I needed in order to download my patterns that I used on the 'other' longarm. I have three quilts here waiting for specific designs chosen by their owners. Thank you Tina, Pam and Tava for YOUR patience! Also Barbara, a custom quilt for her that is almost finished :0) Thank you to everyone!!!

I will end this long post with some pix of a sample quilt for Honey Run Quilters 
with a panto quilted last week...

 ...with a new panto design that came on the AP software. Love the fabrics that Theresa used, especially the black and white with ants above and the fabric below is the backing.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Love that you are getting the support you need! Theresa's quilt looks so fun. Love the thread color. Good job Jo and onward!!

  2. I am so happy that training want well, and especially that you are feeling encouraged again.


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