Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Custom for Carol

This was a very fun quilt finished for Carol
Most blocks were quilted differently with two thread changes.
Tangarine and Lime Green. 
A tip I picked up from Sally Jo, Lime Green is a neutral on Kaffee prints and it works!

This is a quilt project Carol started hand quilting some time ago after it was basted. You can see the basting threads are still there, I pulled some of them when they got in the way. I was quite impressed that the Innova, Harley had no problem quilting a previously basted quilt. Yea! Carol decided to change gears and we decided on quilting designs of flowers and butterflies. I improvised with some butterfly looking feathers :0) I left in all of Carol's hand stitches and incorporated them into the machine stitching
 This is the quilt back/backing fabric
Happy Birthday Carol and thank you!


  1. Love the lime green tip .Must add some to my next thread order. Is Sally Jo a quilter too?

  2. This is great! Great advice on the lime green and Kaffe fabrics, thanks.


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