Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stars and Bars for Betty

Stars and Bars top made by Betty D
Quilted in June with 3 different block designs

The Star block quilted with a Sawtooth Star design

The Bars
and the open block
quilted with a floral block motif
All of the quilting was done with a gold Glide thread
Great batik fabrics! and a fun quilt to stitch out :0)
Thank you Betty

Another hot day today and it's not going to let up for another week. I started quilting on Joanne's quilt early this morning to take advantage of the cooler temps and then quit early again. 
Hope you all are finding fun ways to stay cool!

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  1. I feel honored to have an entire blog entry devoted to my quilt. It's quilted so beautifully; I love it! Great work, Jo. Thanks! Betty


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