Monday, July 7, 2014

Bugs and Birds for Beckie

Three quilts for Beckie in May and June
Bugs and birds on this beautiful quilt Beckie made for her mom
Great fabrics mixed with some Radiance fabric
Radiance looks so amazing quilted, especially with wool bat.
Quilted with a gold Glide thread that added to the shimmer
with a panto with flowers, leaves and hummers.

A baby quilt Beckie made with lots of critters
Quilted with Summer Buzz
Cute backing fabric!

A third quilt Beckie made for Steve for Father's Day that I didn't get any pix of the finished quilt! This pic shows the bird border I was working on when the kids were visiting the weekend before the accident. I'll have to ask Steve if I can borrow his quilt to take some pix. I really loved this quilt and Beckie was so sweet to gift me the pieces of fabric left over to go with a panel I already have of the same fabric range. Thank you Beckie! You and Donna are the best. See  you tomorrow :0)

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  1. The humming birds look wonderful, and I love the thread.


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