Saturday, July 5, 2014

Quilting for Donna

This beautiful quilt is made by Donna L
Gorgeous prints and colors
I loved quilting this one! 
Custom quilted with a wool batting (love:)
using a teal variegated cotton YLI thread, black cotton
and a little gold Glide to add to the sparkle!
Thank you Donna!

I love quilting for Donna and Beckie. Friends and they work together, they started out as customers four years ago and now we are friends. We have lunch together every Monday :0), visit quilt shops and love quilting. Recently they both started machine embroidery as well. It's such a pleasure to quilt for both of them because I know what they like.

At times longarm quilting for others can be daunting when making decisions and choices on a customer's quilt. So far I haven't had any negative reactions (that I know of)! Always a challenge with a new customer. I am happy to say that most return with new quilt tops :0) I love my return customers because I get to know them and what they like and that's what makes longarm quilting the best job in the world! I see so many different styles of quilt tops, colors and fabrics. Wait until you see the one I am working on right now! And that's where I'm headed to finish this one with binding today. 

Another early start in the cool morning before the heat kicks in this afternoon. Stay cool!
Hope everyone had a safe and fun celebration for the 4th.
I spent the evening with a giant white dog on the bed! Only two nights out of the year she sleeps with me, the 4th of July and New Years Eve plus the occasional night with thunder and lightning. Such a big baby! Crystal doesn't know she's a German Shepherd!


  1. Those are Gorgeous fabrics! It's a beautiful marriage of fabric and quilting.

  2. Sweet Crystal. Those fireworks are so scary for dogs. Donna's quilt is beautiful! I'm glad I got to see it up close and personal.


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