Friday, July 11, 2014

Stars stars and more stars for Linda

Lots of quilts with star blocks were quilted in June. This one is made by Linda D. A new to me customer and clearly not a new quilter. Linda has been quilting for some time, from the Bay area, I believe and now settled in Chico. In fact she lives on a street I used to live on, it's a small world!
Linda made this quilt for a friend. Blocks with sashing and borders and they had a block design picked out specifically for the Sawtooth stars... this one you can see the design in the center...
 and this one, below you can see the design in the background of the star block...
 You can see the same design I quilted on Betty's quilt here.
Several of the fabrics had paisley prints
 so a paisley design was quilted in the border...
The prints are busy and we picked a thread that would blend 
so the design is a little hard to see.
Still in RL it added a very nice element to the quilt.

Linda also brought in this small wall hanging made by a friend...
Here it is on my frame,
I started out with some cross hatch in the background of the basket. 
Lots of loose thread ends waiting to be buried! When custom quilting thread ends are tied off and I bury the knot and thread tails with a needle into the batting. In some cases, they are knotted, cut and then treated. Depends on the thread and whether the quilt maker plans to enter the quilt to be judged.  This one is on my Innova, I do enjoy doing free hand and ruler work on my new longarm! Also love how the quilt maker used a stripe fabric for the weave of the basket and lots of wool applique with a blanket stitch. Very nice!

The wedding quilts for Joanne and Kathy are finished and both were picked up today, pix soon. It was fun to visit with Pam today when she came along with Joanne to pick up her quilt. Have a few more to post from June plus more finished this week! Yea!!! I think I am getting caught up... I think!?! Will see, it is almost the middle of July already! How does that happen?!!!

Weather is still pretty hot here in the North Valley. Last night and this morning we had a sprinkle! Not much, just enough to make it muggy but it did keep the temps down in the day but up at night. Triple digits will be back soon. Stay cool and enjoy your weekend! TGIF


  1. Oh I do love the look of crosshatching. Looking forward to seeing that one finished.

  2. I love how she used stripe fabric to makw a basket! I'm going to file that away and try to re-remember to use it someday.


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