Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Chevron Quilt by Beckie

Beckie had fun making a Chevron quilt for Ruthie for her MBR. Gray and white to match her bedding. A more contemporary design and fabric. Quilted with a simple design to fill the chevron shape and move across the rows at the same time.

Beckie always uses a wool batting that gives a wonderful loft that worked perfect for this quilt because the gray print fabric is a bit heavier compared to quilt fabric. The same gray fabric is the backing as well. Quilted with a light Ash Gray thread color.

The little keyboard came in handy for this quilt as I used many many push pins to layout this design. Below is the layout on my screen almost ready to stitch out the next section. 
Thank you Beckie! 

This quilt turned out beautiful, however it may have to be dry cleaned. We tested some of the scraps by washing, drying and/or ironing them. They came out wrinkled and stiff.

Some notes about the use of Home Decorating fabrics in quilts: I purchased a new quilt book yesterday, Adding Layers from Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession. It features a quilt made with home dec fabrics. Additionally, quilt stores are offering these fabrics, they come in 54 to 60 inch widths. Usually flat rolled on a tube, however I found a few that were folded and bolted.

Fabric content varies and are often treated with Scotch Guard or in a few cases, flame retardant chemicals. Designed to be dry cleaned, these fabrics may or may not wash well for quilting. Often they add weight to a quilt. That was the case with Joanne's wedding quilt. She used a beautiful contemporary 60 inch width fabric for the backing and was not happy with how heavy it made the quilt. I had trouble getting the bobbin thread to pull up into the quilt because of the heavy backing fabrics in both Joanne's and Beckie's quilts. Additionally, many longarm quilters will not accept quilts made with home dec fabrics.

Following 30 years in the home dec business as a workroom sub-contracting for decorators I've worked with lots of home dec fabrics and have played with some of it for quilts. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not so much. Gorgeous fabrics! Many quilters use it in art quilts.

Not saying not to use them in a quilt, however, if you do, play with the fabric and see what it does by test washing a piece or consider dry cleaning or not washing that quilt. Just be aware, it's likely not going to be the same as using fabric designed for quilting. Whatever type of quilting you do or like, have fun with it, learn from it and above all, enjoy your creation!

btw, the book by Kathy Doughty I purchased yesterday is wonderful! Out of 15 original quilt projects I would consider making 10 of them. I am cutting out one today and also purchased fabric for another at Honey Run Quilters along with the book. The sample I am working on for Theresa is also in the book.  

One last thing... for your own sanity, please cut off those selvages!, especially with home dec fabrics. When making custom drapes, the selvages are always cut off. Selvedges do not play nice and can do horrible things, especially after washing and dry cleaning. 

Just trying to help, I'll go to my (sewing) room now
Enjoy your Sunday!    


  1. Oh I love the grey and white, and your quilting works so well with it. Another win for you and HAL

  2. Hi Jo, thanks for the comments on the home dec fabrics , Joanne's quilt is doing great btw and she got the entire binding sewn on. You did a beautiful job on a challenging quilt!!


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