Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More vintage, this one for Leslie

Repros of vintage 1930's fabrics. A quilt made by Leslie, picked up today...
Bright and cheery mixed with solids.
Quilted on the Innova. Set on point blocks with setting triangles in solids. 
and more solids in the stars. 
Quilted with a panto by Anne Bright called Jubilee. 
Fun pattern with butterflies and flowers with hearts stitched in the design.

More flowers for this summer season... on my Innova! Just for fun :0)
This week is hot!!! Quit early today, it's just too hot. I am working on a custom quilt for Joanne, burying all the thread ends. It's just too hot when a needle slips thru your fingers plus it's not good for the computer so I shut it down early.

Checked in 4 more quilts this week, 3 today. When Leslie picked up her quilt today she brought a gorgeous quilt made with fabrics from Honey Run Quilters with one of Theresa's patterns, Starlight, the same pattern as the last sample I quilted here. Met with a new customer this morning at HRQ that brought in a charm quilt she has been working on for many years. All hand pieced in a block she called Baseball. I know it as Apple Core. Wonderful vintage fabrics and again, the real deal! Frances brought in a really cute quilt she made for her grandson that will be custom quilted, a kit from Morning Star. Stay tuned. With a new customer coming in tomorrow morning with a quilt for custom quilting, October is closed. New quilts coming in will be set up for November!

Thank you, I appreciate your business!
Hope you all find a wonderful way to cool down this evening.
See you on the flip side!

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