Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wedding Quilt for Joanne

This is the quilt I've been working on... 
A special quilt made by Joanne as a wedding gift for her daughter

It's gorgeous! Not allot of pictures, only while the quilt was on my frame. 
It's big and a bit heavy so I did not take it outside to take pix.
In the second picture the quilt is turned to stitch out the second set of borders and finish outlining the circles. Stitched with black thread on black fabric which is better appreciated in RL, doesn't show up on camera however you can see a little bit of the stitching on the back rolled up on the take up bar. Below is a close up where you can see a little of the feather stitching, the outline stitches around each of the circles and appreciate Joanne's applique with gorgeous hand dyed fabrics. 4 inch perfect round circles... 160 of them to be exact!
Also pictured are my snips and my new wireless keyboard. It's the size of a TV remote! Actually designed for the home theater industry, I ordered a lime green one so I would see it better and not stitch over it :0) I can use it to communicate with HAL, my Auto Pilot software from the area of the quilt that I am working on and not have to walk over to the monitor for each step and function. It's great! Yea! It's those little things, literally in this case!

Wish you could see this quilt to appreciate it better. Joanne and Pam picked it up on Friday afternoon. What you don't see are the borders. We quilted a pattern to match the fabric print in the inner border. I did a custom split design that worked really well and neglected to take pix of the back before it was picked up. It was so hot by 3pm that afternoon, we called it a day! 

Had a great weekend. Just posted a top I pieced at Goldie's Scrap Happy Day on my blog Ramblin Rows. Hope you all found a fun way to stay cool this weekend. Groetjes, Jo


  1. Jo, it is absolutely beautiful! I'll get Joanne to take a photo of the back or I will! You did an incredible job on it. Heavy oh yes! It will be cherished for a life time! xoxo Pam

  2. What a beautiful quilt! What I see of the quilting that too is beautiful, and your tiny keyboard looks like a real treasure, and from the sound of things it is working well with Hal. Yea!

  3. This is a beauty! That's going to be a really fabulous wedding gift!

  4. Beautiful quilting - what a wonderful wedding quilt!
    I'm in awe at how tiny your new little keyboard is.
    So cool that is works to communicate with HAL.


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